John McAfee VS The Sinaloa Cartel

After developing a 3 year Mexican Cartels obsession / media diversion (until he decided to run for President in 2016), McAfee always managed to saturate the headlines with fairy tales about Mexican cartels chasing him.. What started as complete fabrication and attention seeking tool became a reality in his mind, and the high consumption of MDVP..DID NOT help the cause […]
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Too Ugly For Prostitution McAfee 2.0

On August 23, 2013 , During one of John McAfee’s trips to Montreal, Canada for the production of the Official McAfee documentary and Biography (UNINSTALLED AKA WHOISMCAFEE? and NO DOMAIN written by George Jung ), he would be lodged at the Hôtel Le Crystal, just around the corner of Crescent Street which is a popular attraction for both tourists and locals, hosting […]
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How John McAfee Concocted a Bogus Hezbollah Threat

On January 3, 2013 while on a road trip from Miami to Portland (Oregon) John McAfee posted on his official blog WHO IS MCAFEE? a story titled “A Clear And Present Danger” .. immediately several irresponsible media outlets ran with the BREAKING NEWS..flipping a complete manufactured story (typical McAfee smoke show) into a reality that would further elevate McAfee from […]
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