How John McAfee Concocted a Bogus Hezbollah Threat

On January 3, 2013 while on a road trip from Miami to Portland (Oregon) John McAfee posted on his official blog WHO IS MCAFEE? a story titled “A Clear And Present Danger” .. immediately several irresponsible media outlets ran with the BREAKING NEWS..flipping a complete manufactured story (typical McAfee smoke show) into a reality that would further elevate McAfee from murder suspect to Spy Master with unlimited access to top secret information revealing a terrorist threat to America that involved Ricin and linking Hezbollah, Nicaragua, Iran, Mexican cartels and as usual.. the mother of all evils.. BELIZE!!!

On January 2 2013, John along with recently hired Miami escort (Janice Dyson) who would later become his fourth wife and ex wife concocted the perfect recipe to re-invent himself (again), create some new smoking mirrors, put the spotlight on John as a the potential saviour of America.. and of course blame Belize… AGAIN!!

The recipe was so simple.. even Martha Stewart could make comfort food out of it..

Ingredient 1- Have Janice call you from the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel using a voice distortion app and pretend to be a not so bright secret Belizean official who’s potentially in love with you or your money and to provide you with subtle but not so subtle information, while you’re inside ordering some good owl Cracker Barrel food..

Ingredient 2 – Snap some pictures of some clueless latino looking dude having lunch at the table next to yours, and then manipulate the images to make them look like surveillance..

Ingredient 3 – Manipulate screenshots from a commercially available keystroke software previously used to gather your Belizean girlfriends email and facebook passwords.

Ingredient 4 – Think of a plot from your favourite TV show..Breaking bad..EVERYONE LOVES BREAKING BAD…

Ingredient 5 – Ad a touch of Americas biggest fear and mix with 3/4 of Belizean sauce.

Ingredient 6 – Rule numero uno to manufacture a BIG lie… Simply ad some truth to it.. therefore you would need access to the Google search machine and find some old news.. Belize of course.. Then Mix everything and let sit at room temperature for a few hours.

Ingredient 7 – Meet in Texas for lunch with your Belizean property manager who just flew in to discuss the sale of your remaining properties in Orange Walk and stage with him a conversation about the previously mentioned articles on some local corruption, then go your hotel room and re-record the whole charade, ad some voice distortion and call him a diplomatic official.. that would make your final dish sound more dangerous, spicy and made from a top secret recipe .. just like the KFC secret sauce..and obviously hide the fact that the guy talking is the same guy who used to handle your landscaping.

Lunch meeting with his Belizean property manager

After lunch meeting with Belizean property manager who’s about to become a whistleblower diplomat

After lunch meeting with Belizean property manager who’s about to become a whistleblower diplomat with a distorted voice <—- THAT MAKES IT OFFICIAL..

Ingredient 8 – Ask the mysterious Belizean official girl from ingredient 1 to take a picture of you wearing sunglasses with your best Zoolanders “Blue Steel” look while sporting a cowboy hat..

ET VOILA! Post on your blog and invite for dinner a bunch of morons to eat your bullshit and then regurgitate it to their readers as A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER

*Note that many publications have since deleted their articles in order to avoid looking like a complete bunch of morons..,dfffc1475f51c310VgnVCM5000009ccceb0aRCRD.html

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