Too Ugly For Prostitution McAfee 2.0

On August 23, 2013 , During one of John McAfee’s trips to Montreal, Canada for the production of the Official McAfee documentary and Biography (UNINSTALLED AKA WHOISMCAFEE? and NO DOMAIN written by George Jung ), he would be lodged at the Hôtel Le Crystal, just around the corner of Crescent Street which is a popular attraction for both tourists and locals, hosting a large variety of luxury boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, coffee shops and night-clubs… McAfee loved Crescent..

One of the regulars on Crescent was a local street “homeless” beggar who was latter nicknamed MCAFEE 2.0, first time he crossed John’s path , McAfee fell in love with his sign “Too Ugly For Prostitution”, handed him some money and wanted took a picture with him, they also engaged in conversation and John proceeded to tell him who he was, McAfee 2.0 had never heard of John McAfee..but had heard of the Anti-virus… same Anti-virus protecting his computer, and since McAfee had promised him that he would tweet the picture and make him famous..he began wondering how he could capitalize on this new found fame and fortune.. Less than an hour later HE DROPPED his the “Too Ugly For Prostitution act”.. and created a new schtick cardboard “YES, I AM REALLY MCAFEE! due to the uncanny resemblance..

The same night McAfee 2.0 ran home, told everything about his new famous friend to his fiancée and spent the following hours Google’ling John McAfee on his McAfee protected laptop in order to develop new themes for his new persona.. next day he begun beta-testing new McAfee themes such as ” WE’RE WITH MCAFEE $UCKERS mocking VICE Magazine announcing to the world they were with McAfee and publishing a picture with the GPS coordinates to a location in Guatemala..leading to McAfee’s arrest.

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